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Here is a screenshot of a free 3D screensaver I made recently. ItÂ’s called RocketSaver and you can download it and other free 3D Mean Fox screensavers from

My friend Calle Wollner modeled the rocket. Some of you may recognize the design. It has several hundred polygons. I used 3D Exploration to export it from a 3DS model into an OpenGL display list. The texture is embedded into the screensaver as a bitmap resource.

The stars are just triangles of varying sizes. They rotate slowly and aliasing causes them to twinkle.

The rocket trails are also made up of triangles. They look decent and are a cheap alternative to the more usual particle system implementation based on blended textured quads. My exhaust particles spin, shrink, and fade to black

RocketSaver is of modest complexity, obviously, but I had fun making it. Feel free to email me if anyone has specific technical questions:

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