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Here is a collage of some scenes from our latest demo 'Croissant 9'. You can find it at

It is basically a showpiece of my Java 3d engine. The 3d objects, textures and screenshots were made by Maali.

It has countless features, I'll just list a few:
  • 100% software rendering, 100% Java, which should make it 100% platform-independent
  • Bilinear texture filtering
  • Table fog
  • Hot-pluggable vertex- and pixelshader system, allowing you to use many different types of shading/materials per scene and per object, and allowing you to freely extend the capabilities of the engine (and scale the performance... The demo runs at 'full burn' in the default configuration, which requires a machine around the 2 GHz mark. But with some simpler shaders (eg without bilinear filter), smaller textures, and perhaps a lower resolution, it can easily be scaled to much less powerful machines)
  • XML configuration script, allowing you to tweak shaders and materials without recompiling your application, and many other things, like time-synced events
  • The top image shows a scene with a dynamic pointlight, and various materials and shaders, including an animated translucent bubble.

    The middle image shows a spacecube with triple texturing (embm), for a phong-shaded metal look.

    The bottom image shows an industrial scene inspired by the Kasparov and FR-08 demos, again with multiple shaders and materials, and this time with dark fog applied.

    The small image at the bottom right is a little bonus. It's not rendered with my Java engine, but with my D3D engine. Some of you may remember the IOTD I posted a while ago, showing 3 reflecting spheres. People requested shadows, and I added them (stencil shadows), but I did not want to 'waste' another IOTD on such a small improvement... So I added it here as a little bonus. Hope you like it.

    Why Java, you may ask... Well I think there are two areas where Java is quite useful. First one is interactive web content, the second one is mobile devices. I am working on a lightweight version for mobile phones now. When OpenGL ES becomes widely available, I will probably add support for it aswell.

    If you are interested in licensing the engine, if you want us to develop an application for you, or if you want to offer me a job, feel free to drop me a mail.


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