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I think anyone who is really into 3D graphics programming has made a basic terrain engine at some point, so I wanted to do something a little different. For my 4th year honours project at Carleton University I did a research paper (with implementation) comparing different Terrain Level of Detail techniques. The algorithms I compared are the Röttger, ROAM and Lindstrom algorithms, and the comparison was based on an evaluation of polygon counts versus terrain accuracy. Granted, this is more of a GIS point of view since most game developers won't give a rat's elbow whether or not their terrain is 100% accurate as long as it is fast and uses minimal memory...but like I said, I wanted to do something different.

The paper is available on my site, as well as the source code of the implementations (which make use of an engine I created called the DK Engine). Click here to go directly to the Terrain Level of Detail project, or browse my entire site here.

Derek Bradley

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