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Here is a collection small screenshots which I grabbed during the development of a new lighting system in Oxygen3D. The new system supports hardware accelerated dynamic lighting using omni/spot/directional lights, and also static raytraced lightmaps with also support for omni/spot/directional lights, and last but not least a very cool radiosity system which can also be combined with the above mentioned light types.

Lights can be placed inside 3DSMax, and also you can setup the radiosity values per material. The materials have an energy value, which tells how much energy it emits. Also you can let the material be self-energizing or not. On this way you can create cool radioactive looking objects :)

Another nice thing is that you can fly around during the lightmap generation. Inside the modelviewer you can start the generation (you can choose between raytraced lightmaps or radiosity), and then the system starts generating the lightmaps. You can see the lightmaps being updated while you fly around. And if things go too slow you can simply pause the generator, so you can fly around very smooth and look for possible things you want to change. This is very usefull while doing radiosity lightmaps, because it can take a very long time.

MysticGD hired Marco Kögler to code the lightmap system. So credits go to him mainly! I'm currently working on a PVS system, which should speed up the radiosity calculations a lot.

Some much cooler screenshots coming very soon. We're currently building some nice test scenes. Not just a few boxes/spheres/cylinders :)

p.s. we have some big news coming up... more info soon.

- John

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