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Here are some screen shots of a small game that I've pretty much completed. First off, I know: the screens are too dark, the radiosity seems rushed, and I haven't fixed the popping problems for the LOD. BUUUUT, I made it to test the functionality of the engine that I've been working on. The game itself is 2D, but it uses orthographic projection in 3D (which means hardware acceleration is needed). The engine itself uses a modular rendering design, currently supporting Direct3D v7.0 & v8.0, OpenGL, and a SLOOOOOOW SoftWare module. The game is my approach at an old game, I'm not sure the origional name of it. I know it's floated around on the TI calculators, and Yahoo Games has a version of it. (The tiles are actually taken from Yahoo because I am deeeefinitely not an artist).

The game itself is very simple. There are 5 different tile types spread out on a 10x15 board. Clicking tiles that have like tiles adjacent to them earns points. You can only click a tile if there are two or more, and the more you click at once, the more points you get. Once tiles are clicked, they disappear and the tiles above and to the left fall in to fill up the gaps. The white tiles (rotating through the 5 pics on the other tiles) are randomizers. Clicking them randomizes the tile and all the surrounding tiles. To complete a level, you have to get above a certain amount of points. The pictures just show the basic idea of the game. The top left show the basic board, the top right shows fading from clicking one set to clicking another set, the bottom left shows better the fading between the white tiles, and the bottom right shows the main menu for the game.

The game itself is pretty much done (yay). Everything seems to work smoothely, looks nice, main menu, about screen, game over/completed screens, etc. I want to test the game of different platforms, and get any constructive criticizm on how I can make it better, but don't have a web site at the moment for download. If anyone wants to test/play the game or see the source code, e-mail me at I'm just on a 56k modem though, so if a lot of people want to try it, it might take a little time to send it out.

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