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The picture is taken from my demo "Per Pixel Lighing and Bump Mapping". In my Demo I combine two features:
  • A. Per Pixel Lighting: Using GeForce's Register Combiners I calculate the Intensity (= 1 - Attenuation) per pixel, When the attenuation is (distance from light source)^2 / (light source's radius)^2. I calculate this using two textures, and using the Vertex Program in order to set the UV coords. for more info please check nVidia Developers's homepage or email me.

  • B. Per Pixel Bump Mapping: I am using Normal Map in order to get a normal per pixel. I am also using the Vertex Program in order to set the color of the vertex to the light vector. Than I can calculate N' Dot L Per Pixel (Using the GeForce's Register Combiners).
  • If you want the demo, please contact me. Note that the demo will run only on GeForce's Family product, with the latest drivers.

    Shlomi Fruchter.

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