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This is the current state of the Art on image quality has all of you can witness. ;-)

[Top Left] The MultiColor Car is cruising with the wheel trails ON.
[Top Right] A closer look of the cars.
[Bottom Left] The inside (pilot) view of a car, when making an Hard Left Turn.
[Bottom Right] A view of the Colored Car with Graphical Debug Turned ON, which enables us to see the actual diferent speeds each wheel has and the Virtual curve Center.

What I have been really trying to make correct is the physical behaviour/handling of the car.

Currently the entire world of Racer is plane FLAT, it's easyer to implement for now. But you can Edit the track file (*.trk) !

The Suspension and Inercia are Implemented, and the timing should also be ok.

But there are two inconsistencies, lets see if any of you can find them out, besides the non implemented Features. ;-)

See ya

P.S. Almost forgot, after all the trouble to make the page, for a runnable demo just go here.

P.P.S There is NO music, NO Sound, no Colision Detection, NO Sliding, NO Speed Limit (air resistance should take care of this when implemented) and NO joystick support (didn't have the time to include it, sorry) which means no Force-FeedBack 8-).

Rui Martins

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