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I made this engine a few months ago and dropped it as I have now got a new job & school. But I thought this graphics engine should be shown to the world so here it is. Now the specs:

This a mode 7 engine such as the ones used in the orginal super mario kart etc. It gives the sense of projection in 2D using line segments & scaling techniques. This engine supports movement along all 3 axises so in a sense it is 3D but notice that the levels are actully flat 2D planes.

As my first ever graphics engine I found this really hard to create. Espcially getting a decent speed on PCs ( pentiums & 486 ). The reason the super nintendo could do it so fast is because it had built in hardware. The code features inline assembly to speed it up.

On the image above you see a few screenshots of the graphics engine and a few karts driving around. It also shows a complete working MFC level editor.

I don't think I will try to make a game out of this engine. But if anyone whould like the sourece code & the level editor please send me an email to Iain Fraser @ :

PS this engine uses DirectDraw 7.0 , supports DirectInput and uses joysticks & keybaord, It also has DirectSound code which at the moment has a few engine sounds getting louder when a kart gets close preety primitve to say the list and a fancy UI.

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