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I've seen some cool things on the IOTD, so I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring....

Here are some screenshots of my Winamp plugin (currently v0.8b). I use OpenGL 3d accelaration to create a few tunnel effects and various spinning things which are randomly combined and blended in various different modes in time with the music. I have a dancer which also morphs between various shapes also in time with the music.

It runs in various resolutions/modes (user selectable) or in a window. It works with Windows 95,98,2000 and even ME (Millenium).

The plugin (about 100k zipped) can be downloaded from my web page.

I think it looks fairly cool in action, even though its not finished yet - although I am a little biased ... :)

I hope I can get some feedback/suggestions/complements/questions/criticisms/compatibility verifications....

The random combination of effects means there is a lot of variety even in this non-final version. I plan to implement more effects and animations before the final release so that it will be able to run for hours with little or no repetition....


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