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This is a screenshot of the latest version of UIUC-SIGGraph's 3d Painterly Rendering Engine. I sent in an earlier one to IOTD - March 9, 2000. It simply takes a 3d scene and creates the effect of painting it on the screen. The result is full mobility in a fully painted scenery. This is the 2nd version and shows some significant new changes...
  • Far faster
  • Better overall coverage of screen
  • More brush variety, including (sort of)curved brushstrokes
  • Direct3d (old one was Glide)
  • Lighting engine (old one was not using it)
  • Lesser interframe coherency (this is actually a bad thing)
  • Semi-quasi faked multi-layer painting
  • This version is also the one that was shown at SIGGraph 2000 conference. Although, we got the research award for version 1. There is more info at

    and more Version 2 screenshots at

    As far as we've seen, this is still the only truly 3d Painterly Rendering Engine in existence that runs in realtime. A PIII-600 w/ a GeForce (not GeForce2) was running this particular scene at 30 fps.

    - Parashar Krishnamachari

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