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Sometimes you start an project, and end up with something completely different. This happened to me with this small thing: Originally I was up to write a bitmap tesselator (don't want to explain what this should have been), which used quadtrees. Since the original purpose was related to terrain rendering I added a small renderer, CLOD, and frustum culling along with a terragen file reader. All this work was done at the weekend between my high-school graduation physics and math exam ( yes I'm a bit crazy and should have learned ordinary analytic geometry, but man: In school they don't even know what matrices are...).

It's not intended to be a full featured terrain rendering system, but should be considered a preview tool for terrain data.

For more info visit the QT_Terr section of my personal homepage

Normally I'm working on a really BIG 3D engine system, but at that time I wanted to do some small. I'll keep you updated, as soon I've some nice screenshots of the "even" engine I'll post them here.

Wolfgang Draxinger

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