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Well, I thought it's time to share some new pics from my current engine. Basically it is a GeForce 3 optimized FPS engine, with 100% dynamic lighting as the main feature. All the shots you see here have a preprocessing time of 0ms, except the 500ms for the Octree during the level compilation;-) I tried to get the lighting model working on GF1/GF2 cards, but I failed. Not possible. At least it screams on the GeForce 3. Well, I guess you want to see the feature list, here it goes:
  • Vertex.. ahh... SMARTSHADER(TM) for basically every triangle on the screen
  • Pixel shaders for the entire lighting
  • DOT3 diffuse + specular per-pixel lighting on every surface (Well, not on the skybox...)
  • Per-pixel normalization cubemap or pixel shader normalization for every surface
  • Tangent space setup done by vertex shaders
  • DOT3 self-shadowing
  • PPA for every surface
  • Realtime general shadow solution, everything shadows on everything including on itself
  • Colored lights
  • Blinking, flickering and pulsating lights through a shader definition file
  • Lights can be assigned to splines
  • Detail texturing
  • Hyper texturing
  • Advanced vertex buffer optimization code to gurantee best T&L performance
  • Light flares + coronas, implemented through vertex shaders
  • Ellipsoid based collison detection / handling
  • Realtime in game light editor, modify every aspect of the lighting without any reloading
  • Configuration system allows you to change basically everything without any code rebuild
  • Basically any damn 3D feature in the world. If it is not supported yet, it will be in the future
  • The engine is incredible CPU limited at the moment, this is my main problem. Rendering brute force is sometimes even faster than performing HSR. I can render 4 quad texture passes without much drop in performance. The CPU code isn't sooo unoptimized, but the GF3 is card that handles everything you throw at it and just screams for more, so my crappy 700Mhz machine can't keep up.

    If you are interested in a discussion about realtime lighting algorithms, you know my mail. Note: A discussion is a conversation between to similar skilled people that learn from each other. So please no "Teach me how to do this !!!" mails. I'm quite busy with my work and writing my engine, so really no time for tutorials / explanations, sorry ;-(

    Anyway, comments welcome.

    Tim C. Schröder

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