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I'm a flipCode fan, and come to your site almost everyday. So I had to let you guys be the first to know that one of the games I worked on in the past, is finished and available to the public! "Matrix Attack" won an IGF student award, and was first seen at last years GDC. I'd like to point out that this game is a student project from DigiPen from 1999. My team and I finished version 1.0 in one semester (3 months) the updates over the summer took about 2 weeks. I hope to polish and release the other titles I've worked on, as there are allot of good games that my fellow classmates and I have made that need to be released.

Matrix Attack doesn't really show off anything technically, its all about game play with this one. In fact the gameplay is so different that I strongly suggest you read the readme file to understand how to play. Once you guys figure out how to play though, it's a BLAST!

Please play the game before you put a message on the board! I'd love to hear what you guys actually think about the game, rather than the screenshot you see above. And if you want, let me know how well you did in Time Trial mode and/or Puzzle mode.

Alright enough talk, go play it!

You can find Matrix Attack at the digipen project download area:

At my personal website you can find out more about Matrix Attack and its development. Goto the projects section of my website to find Matrix Attack.

A fellow code monkey in the jungle,

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