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This is a game project(totally amateurish) I've been working on for about 4 months.(Actually we are a group of 3 but I am the only coder) Features are:
  • Lightmaps(Radiosity or simple raycasting. But radiosity is not optimized yet so these shots are raycast lighted)
  • Collision system(Greatly modified version of Paul Nettle and Telemachos's ellipsoid-poly collision detection and response)
  • CSG to WorldCraft 3.3 MAPs
  • Some eyecandy: glows, transparent surfaces, animated textures, switched textures, simple water wave effect)
  • MD2 support
  • OpenGL for rendering
  • DirectX 5.0+ for DirectInput and DirectSound(why not 8.0? I dont have the SDK and samples from my MSDN CD were for DX5.0)
  • Releasing this tech. demo was a deadline for me, now I will go back, optimize and polish the preprocessing tools and start working on enemy AI. I hope I can finish this project because I am really really sick of seeing things in first person view :).

    Your feedbacks are greatly appreciated(more if you test the demo and post resulting FPS and your machine properties here)

    Download Website:


    PS: Guns are from Action Quake2, textures from CS, HL.

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