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Text Mode Demo Competition 4 is over.

Text mode demos offer unique challenges for the demo maker which play a very insignificant role in other kinds of demo competitions. First of all, resolution and color spaces are rather limited, forcing the demo authors to consider different forms of anti-aliasing and careful adjustment of contrast and color balance.

Contrast and color balance play a very large role in describing depth, as can be seen from the above screenshots - you can clearly see that the winner has succeeded in this much better than the others.

Here are the results -

1. Super Killer by dairos, nula, para, raist, stonda, tpp

2. contact by portal project

3. flowres by Numedia Cyclops

4. TextOS by Tonrauschen

5. Holiday by Tonrauschen

The competition pages are at

All of the demos run under Windows2000 console, being the first batch of textmode demos to do so. If you missed the contest, don't despair - TMDC5 will be held this year, as well, and the deadline is the more traditional 11.11.02. More information will be published on the website closer to the deadline.

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