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The image of the day is a collage of some graphics of the have been working on. It's a remake of an old megadrive game. It's a very unique game in the sense that it combines realtime strategy with shoot 'm up gamestyle. Instead of using a mouse cursor to control the troops you use a transporter plane to place and reprogram units, the plane can also transform into a robot to join the fight.

"Rapid Aerial deployment" is programmed in C++ and uses the CDX library to display the sprites and background. Fmod is used to play the sound and music. The sprites and backgrounds are pre-rendered in 3d-Blender.

I'm currently working on some new levels and trying to get the multiplayer version working at a decent speed.

Sprite graphics are not state of the art, but they turned out fine eventually. The background in the demo is still a bit crappy, but i'm still working on good looking tilesets.

Since latency on the multiplayer is unacceptable, the demo is only playable in singleplayer and CPU vs CPU mode.

You can Download the game at

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