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This is an image of a terrain engine\ocean water system I've been working on recently. The images show the ocean water shader in action, with a randomly generated island in the background. This is an update to one of the demos included with the book Real-Time Terrain Engines using C++ and DirectX 9 from Charles River Media. I'll be continuing to support and extend the sample engine included with the book on my web site, The updated ocean water shader shown can be downloaded from the site, but the source code included with the book is required to build the complete demo.

Terrain Engine Features:
  • Roam, Chunked and Tiled geometry methods
  • Quad-Tree visibility culling
  • Random terrain geometry and texture generation
  • Animated cloud cover
  • Atmospheric light-scattering illumination model
  • Ocean Water Features:
  • Animated, procedural geometry using FFTs to generate wave motion
  • Can be tiled infinitely in all directions
  • All visual aspects (water color, specular strength) controlled by a single gradient texture.
  • Both systems are written exclusively using HLSL vertex & pixel shaders for DirectX 9

    Greg Snook

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