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This image demonstrates the post depth of field (Bukeh) filter I have been working on for a long time. It can be applied to normal images by means of a depth map for distance information. A depth map can be generated by each raytracer easily. One of the biggest Problems developing such an algorithm is how to deal with missing information. To calculate a correct depth of field effect some information not present in a normal 2d image would be needed. Imagine the extreme case when a fence is in front of the camera but that fence is so much out of focus it's hardly noticable in the resulting image. Now a perfect post filter would have to completly make up what's behind that fence. Now of course my filter can't handle such extreme situations but it's doing pretty good on the average. The great advantage is that it saves alot of time. A DOF blur generated by a raytracer can easily take a couple of hours extra render time per frame. So having the possebilty to do this work in post production saves alot of time and offers more flexibility.

The product is named Lenscare and more example images and animations can be found here The Masarati was modelled, textured, rendered and copyrighted Elvis Blazencic aka Lewis ( ).

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