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first of all i am please at post my article flipcode's image of day. here is some collection of Jindo3D's snapshot I'm working on.

Here some engine details :
  • Data files packing
  • Billboard,Particle systems
  • Console system
  • BSP,Portal ,PVS rendering
  • Supports All types of texture wrapping ( Plane, Box, Cylinder and Sphere ),SphereMapping
  • Camera Nav System Based two-pivot crash detect like Drakan,MDK2 and Camera animation
  • Supports Vertex Lightning,Mesh Morphing
  • Bone and IK controller based animation
  • 3DS Max Character Studio's Biped Animation,Physique( =skinning ) controller( Rigid only ).
  • Faster collision detection
  • Lens flares,Physics,Image loaders & savers for JPEG, PCX, TGA, BMP
  • Based 3DS MAX plugins
  • LOD Terran rednering(using Roam,Quadtree Tessellation,fast clipping)
  • Facial Animation(LipSynk,eyebrows defomation(Using Mp3 Callback Lipdata))
  • Motion Blending In Character Animation
  • Polygon Reduction (Multi resoluction)
  • Mp3 Player
  • ActiveX Component designed for Web Support
  • if you wanna more infomation of Jindo3D you just visit my web page at : special thanks to Thatcher Ulrich,Tobias Johansson.
    Ps)Jindo is faithful korean dog's name like German shepherd :)

    - han been

    that's all~
    see you later..

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