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This IOTD shows my engine (The FingleTron Engine) at work running my small version of Star Wars Episode 1’s pod racer game. The ‘game’ allows the player to control the pod using the mouse. It has sound (just the engines at the moment) and pretty accurate collision detection (polygon-polygon), which isn’t quite perfect yet. You can have a bit of a joyride around a track I knocked up. The pod racer itself was created by a friend of mine. The landscape is just a flat plane with various mountans and rocks, but the engine is not supposed to be a landscape engine.

The engine features loading of .3ds files (thanks to all who those in the forums at flipcode who helped me on this recently), OpenGL rendering, polygon perfect collision detection where filtering is done on the scene to speed things up, full scene hierarchy, object hierarchies, full 3d position sound (achieved through FMOD) and sky domes.

My VERY temporary web site where you can download the game is :

A friend of mine is currently in the process of building me a much much better website that will contain a lot more information about the engine, the games I will create with it, and hopefully projects other people will create using the engine.


James Fingleton

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