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This is a screenshot of the leveleditor I am making for my engine the interface is based on the interface of lightwave. I started half a year ago with a 3d engine, and after programming a bit I needed a way to create my worlds, with it's objects and portals, so I started with a level editor only for my own use. Now I've finaly finished the things I had in mind when I started it (placing objects and portals), but it isn't finished at all, because now I've got many more ideas, like a radiosity lightmaps, an assambler compiler for scripts and special fx like particles, lens flares, volumetric lights and waves. I think I will make it public when my game is finished, but it may take a long time until I've finished all my ideas.

I model my objects in lightwave, and import them in my world editor. the portals are polygons with a surface name that start with Portal_. You can connect the portals from two different objects to each other. btw the Kamers en Portals tab (which means Cells and Portals) is ancient. I moved the portal stuff to the object editor, because it doesn't use a view at all.

I think I will now continue programming my engine, so that I can walk through the worlds, and after that I will continue with the editor.

  • Lightwave object (.LWO) importer
  • placing the objects
  • portal editor
  • a direct3d view window class
  • A pretty advanced interface
  • not finished yet:
  • Lightmaps. It already maps the UVs for the lightmaps correctly, but it does only directional lighting. I'm going to make a radiosity renderer for this.
  • particles
  • assambler script
  • Test view
  • Radiosity
  • updating my website.
  • not started yet:
  • Lens flare
  • volumetric light
  • waves
  • enemies
  • translating it to english

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