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Linderdaum 3D Engine features:
  • Amazing 3D graphics. The game utilizes its own OpenGL-based 3D rendering engine using latest 3D technology, HW features, that allows obtaining vast, high detailed outdoor environments in real-time.
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Environmental reflections
  • Radiosity based lighting
  • Incredible atmospheric effects
  • Rain, snow, e.t.c.
  • Light scattering
  • Particle systems effects (fire, explosions)
  • Real-time projected shadows and caustics
  • Complete shader system rendering support for OpenGL using latest HW features.
  • Stunning per-pixel effects on modern HW (bump mapping, displacement maps)
  • Up to 250.000 polygons per frame !
  • Polygonal deformation of landscape in real-time - geomorphing.
  • Advanced physics engine allows to calculate object's behavior unattainable for any previous RTS games.
  • Realistic ballistics. The developed algorithms allow to calculate trajectories of projectiles in realtime, considering such meteorological and ballistic conditions as:
  • air temperature
  • air pressure
  • wind strength and direction
  • deviation of projectile's initial velocity from the regular value
  • unit's mass
  • landscape parameters
  • Advanced scriptable rigid body and vehicular dynamics
  • Huge 3D level maps. Up to 4096x4096 cells in size. You will need about 5 minutes to get from one side of the game world to another.
  • User extandable, script-driven game engine.
  • Immersive sound system featuring Dolby Digital 5.1, EAX 3.0 and OggVorbis playback (~MP3 alike), with support of OpenAL and DirectSound3D
  • Engine is entirely written in Free Pascal and subdivided into multiple interchangeble DLLs.
  • Sergey Kosarevsky
    [Linderdaum 3D Engine Team]

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