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These are screenshots from a RTS game that i have been working on for some time that is finally coming into the stage where its at least marginally playable. Its notionally set in the 19th century although i haven't cared about keeping things historical. Probably i will add tank/aircrafts at higher tech levels and call it 19/20th century. Some current features includes
  • Most of the standard features found in todays RTSes
  • Economy system based on the principle that the player should be able to make interesting research/infrastructure decisions but still be able to concentrate on the battles.
  • Supply calculation for units on a level normally only found in some TBS wargames.
  • User modifiable AI, each hotkey group can be assigned its own AI loaded from dll files.
  • Fast pathfinding using a three layered approach.
  • Dynamic terrain, explosions will create craters and I will probably add some terrain changing units.
  • Random map generator that can take hint files to create unique maps.
  • Some nice graphic features like reflective water and dynamic clouds.
  • The screenshots shows
  • Overhead view of a battle
  • All out rocket fight
  • Zoomed out view of map color coded for supply level
  • Random map created with a rather unsubtle hint file
  • Of course there is a lot still to do including, unit graphics (pretty nonexistant at the moment), better unit control/AI, more units, out of game stuff (option, lobby etc), new terrain texturing.

    The current work in progress version can be downloaded at

    //Stefan Johansson

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