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Cell shading demonstration: This is a little demonstration showing multiple rendering effects using an internet plugin or a standalone executable running on Linux and Windows. For this time, a software rendering system is used (the screenhot is the software rendering). It use a special cell shading rendering with realtime shadows projections, lightmaps... The environment was converted with a proprietary ray tracing lightmap generator.

The demo use an internal virtual machine language to control the character. For the shadow, no special hardware capabilities is needed (like stencil buffer 'stencil shadow' or render to textures 'shadow map'). It consist of faces generation projected and cutted in real time on the environment.

Technical informations of the 3d engine:
  • Cross platform engine (Linux, Windows (using glide3x, directx and opengl drivers), Playstation2, AmigaOs, Dos).
  • Multiple materials and multiple pass rendering for shaders.
  • Volumetric fog.
  • Static lighting with projection of shadows by ray tracing and radiosity.
  • Lightmap generator.
  • Fast unlimited dynamic lightning.
  • Skins management using animation system by quaternions method, having a dynamic level of detail system.
  • Several collision method are available: fast cylinders with scenes, spheres with scenes, lines with volumes.
  • Realtime shadow projection.
  • Visibility system with octrees, sectors and portals.
  • All graphics function accessible by the integrated virtual machine language.
  • Complete game engine with artificial intelligence.
  • Huge integrated tools for game development.
  • You can find more informations about the engine or try the demonstration here:

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