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This IOTD shows the Physics Simulator/Game Engine that I have been writing in my spare time for a little more than a year. The first image shows the truck flipped over in the lowlands and the kinds of problems I am running into because my tires aren't rigidly connected. The second demonstrated lens flare. The third shows a bunch of tire tracks (the brown stuff). The fourth shows a different truck pushing around a ball.

Images really don't show this thing in action. The Truck has full suspension and is actually pretty neat to drive. The demo can be found at It requires a fast G3 or G4 Macintosh.

Quick list of features:
  • Very extensible C++ design with minimal platform dependency
  • Accurate physics including:
  • real friction (not some hack)
  • collision detection/response (simple spheres for now)
  • constraints like spring, damper, gravity, etc. (no rigid connections yet)
  • Landscapes
  • Geo-Mipmaps
  • LOD morphing
  • Textures generated on the fly from 5 source textures & Perlin Noise
  • Landscape streaming
  • Quadtree rendering
  • Tire tracks and rub marks
  • Lens flare
  • Multiple light sources
  • Skybox
  • QuickTime Support for texture loading
  • OpenGL

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