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Here are a few screenshots from a c++ openGL project/game that i've been working on recently. Aptly titled 'The Island' because thats basically what it is. An Island where the user can do close to almost anything he wants.

So far you can only run around, ride a jetski, jump some waves and drive a little buggy but there is lots lots more to come. The main thing missing from the project so far is a good culling technique. I've tried a couple but I can't seem to find one I realy like. I have lots of ideas for the gameplay too but its pretty hard getting ideas into code by yourself when you are writing Varsity exams.

Some features so far :
  • MD2 & MS3D importing
  • Simple physics (Water,Gravity etc.)
  • A cool jetSki
  • Wave motion
  • A really cool Map/Island editor
  • Simple particle engine for splashes/sand kicking etc
  • Cool cameras (First person/third person/Action cam)
  • It's not really ready for a demo yet. Maybe I'll post one when I get the culling working right. At the moment it's basically drawing the entire scene which accounts for the really crappy framerates in the pics.

    Any ideas or comments are welcome!

    Peter-Guy Fowles

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