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i just finished the final version of my 64k-intro "fr-019 .poemtoahorse". we won the mekka and symposium intro competition, but the party version had many bugs.

the screenshot shows "extrude and subdivide". a powerfull combination to create abstract blobby stuff. this is just one of many 3d-scenes, all stuffed into 64kbyte including code, sound and graphics.

most important about the product is a tool that allows you to create everything in realtime. this includes changing every aspect of a texture while seeing it mapped as an environment map in the lighted 3d scene. that's a real big win if you try to set the envi map up in a way that makes it shine in exactly the right moment of the camera movement.

you can download the intro at more information about how it is done can be found at . this page refers to fr-08 the product, but both projects are similar.

Dierk "Chaos" Ohlerich

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