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This is a screenshot of a small demo of my new GUI : you can download this demo on my site

EZ GUI is a portable generic Graphical User Interface for game and software tools development. EZ GUI can run over OpenGL, Direct 3D or every other proprietary engine trough the rewriting of few low level functions. The entire interface is displayed over the 3D views. This provide the best integration with the 3D engine running back.

EZ GUI is a complete windowed user environment which include a integrated window editor, a standard widget library, a full featured help system, a drag and drop manager, and a basic data base manager.

EZ GUI is a component of the EZ World project. The EZ World project is a composite creative software developed with EZ GUI. EZ GUI offer the high level of integration trough his unified working environment and global mechanisms.

You can use EZ GUI for tool development, game development or to provide a advanced GUI with your 3D Engine. A real demonstration of the full EZ GUI environment will be available later. Check it on the site

For more information, contact me :

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