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These screenshots are from Mistlands, a online role playing game in development by Zero Point Gameplay. The game uses our own game engine called ZeroFps and the game is made for both Linux and Windows. We make this game both as a learning experience and also to have something to show when we look for work.

MistClient - The top image shows the view from the game when you play it. The view is third person but you can also zoom in and use first person view if you wish. The main focus right now in the development process are the controlls and combat system. The gui shows the skillbar, a chat window, emote icon (the smiley), compass, status bars (health, mana and stamina) and some icons to display inventory and other things.

Zeroed - The top two of the small images shows the editor and it goes by the name ZeroEd. The editor can both be run on it's own or connected to a server to edit parts on the world online. Both images was taken in online mode. The left ones shows a outdoor area. The right one shows below ground in a waterfilled cave.

Madview - The lower left image show madview, our modelviewer. The engine supports simple skelleton animations and there are no support for blendning of animations right now. The modell shown is one of the player models and models are exportable from maya and .OBJ files. Things such as weapons and shields can be linked to the hands of a model in the game.

GuiEdit - GuiEdit is the name of the editor for the graphical user interface and a image of it is shown in the lower right image. The GUI support things such as textboxes, buttons, lists and treeboxes. Guis are saved as lua scripts.

For more information about Mistlands you can visit Zero point Gamerplays website ( ), look at our gallery and also download it if you wish.

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