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These are screenshots from my 3d MMORPG engine. They were taken on a P2-400 with a GeForce. I tried to show a few interesting effects, such as true volumetric clouds and detail objects (grass) on the ground. The performance is rather low due to many factors: no LOD (this will be my next big task), true 3d meshes for everything (including the landscape), on-the-fly computed soft shadows (look the mountains and the house; the sun can be moved), and mostly, everything is dynamic (vertex buffers are refilled every time). The application is CPU limited.

The sky and grass are animated. I tried to not abuse of the lensflare effect, which can be disabled by users anyway. There is also the usual stuff (particles, 3d sound, procedural terrain textures, detail textures, collision detection, frustum culling, 3ds importer, shaders, state groups, etc..). I am sorry for the poor quality of the models/colors/textures used -i'm definately not an artist-.

I am seeking a job in the game industry in France. If you are interested, or know someone that could be, feel free to drop me a mail. I'll release a public demo in a few days.


F. Brebion

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