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Heres a very rough demo I made a couple of years ago, showing realtime shadows. This is old, and parts of the code might be ugly or just plain buggy :)

The demo uses tesselation to calculate the shadows. I was in the progress of writing a simpler (and much faster) tesselation than what OpenGL supplies, as the tesselation takes much of the rendering time, but I never got time for it.

The dark shadows from the internal light is only partially calculated, ie no shadow is cast on the wall. And no shadows are calculated from the light in the corner.

The EXE and sourcecode (250KB) for BCB5 can be downloaded from

To navigate and alter settings

Cursor Move around
+/- Sun intensity
L Toggle lights
S Toggle shadows
Z/X Sidested
F Toggle fog

Shift+Cursor Move slowly around
Shift +/- Light intensity

Ctrl+Cursor Head tilt and height

Alt+Cursor Time of day
Alt +/- Texture offset

Hope this is of some interrest


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