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I have been posting on the message board for a while, and finally decided to post some screens of my progress. The two screen shots are of my engine running, with and without the texture pass. As you can see, the frame rate is kinda sub par, but that's because the geometry is total over kill, I intentially added extra geometry to see if I could still maintain decent frame rates (running on my GeForceII GTS). The engine runs entirely through vertex shaders, with all the data exported from Max using custom export plugins. Here's a run down of what I'm doing:
  • Support for multiple paths and archive file search
  • Extensive (but sadly unoptimized), custom math library
  • Custom scriptable and extendable UI, using XML for data
  • UI Desktop system, with support for data and function binding
  • Custom shader fragment linker and compiler system
  • Extendable mesh, world, and effects plugin managers, currently:
  • Static and Skinned meshes, including skeletal animations for the skinned meshes
  • Portals used for world visibility, and octree's for speeding up collision detection
  • Bump mapping and attenuation for the world and objects:
  • Triple pass on anything without volume textures or 4 texture units
  • Single pass on anything with volume textures or 4 texture units
  • Cube map color filters, for effects such as spot lights
  • These are some of the highlights of the engine. I'm mostly using this as a test bed for new technology, it's extendable enough that I can easily implement new features and effects, without having to rehaul (like I've done so many times), the entire engine. I've already gotten a pretty solid base for the graphics, which is why I'm working on collision detection and physics (which, I'm sad to say, are seriously lacking). The engine so far looks really nice though, when running. I have a nice demo setup, with some basic collision detection, and will post it online when ever I find a place to post it. Also, thanks to everyone who's been able to answer many of my questions on the forums, your help has been much appreciated.

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