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Here are some pictures of what my company has been working on.

All these screen shots are from our new game 'Talon' running on various mobile phones. The taller pictures on the sides show the game running on SonyEricsson's P800 and the center image show the game on Nokia 3650 and Nokia 7650.

The games are written for Symbian, a very cool operating system for mobile phones. It is also the first REAL object oriented operating system that I have worked with.

Making games on mobile phones is an interesting challenge. The devices are generally very powerful but also very limited in terms of memory and input capabilities. A major portion of the game design effort goes into working out how to get around the limited input capabilities. The key layouts are also seldom designed with gaming in mind and tend to be quite different from one phone to another. The P800 is actually stylus based and hardly uses any keys at all.

A further complication is that documentation for Symbian tends to be poor (although gradually improving) and often the best source of documentation is the OS header files.

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Jani Peltonen

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