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This screenshot is of my 3D space-sim version of Asteroids. The project was started as an attempt to learn the DirectX 8.1 SDK and intended to only feature asteroids, and asteroids alone. Now, after 2 months of development, I've ended up adding Martian fighters with AI, communication satellites to defend, and timed missions.

The entire source code for the game is available here along with the game binary (150KB + 5.5MB, respectively):

I released this as an open-source project to allow other people learning DirectX to see a non-trivial (but simple) game's implementation. That's always been the most beneficial way to learn as far as I'm concerned.

The 3D models were designed in 3D Studio Max 4, with the exception of the main ship model which was kindly donated by The textures were either taken from the texture library in 3D Studio Max 4 or created in Photoshop (eg. the internal cockpit texture is a hodge-podge of military hardware photos). Sounds were borrowed from royalty-free sound archives or created from scratch in a music studio sitting in my basement.

The Katie Holmes obsession (you'll need to play it to understand) started way back in 1999:

Any feedback on code or game design is more than welcome, as I'd like to know what I could do to improve the game, or even for future projects. Enjoy!

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