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This image shows a version of a little fun novelty project I've been messing with for the last couple days that was inspired by seeing the movie "Hackers" again (if you have not seen it and need a laugh it is highly recommended). This is your very own "Gibson" packet analyzer.

It uses Winpcap for the packet capture.

When you launch it you choose your network adapter and then it will go to the main screen. You can then use w, s, a, d, to "fly" around and then use e to lock the camera at the current orientation (so you can start up other packet intensive apps or whatever).

New buildings will launch when a new IP or ARP packet come in (max 16 hosts). The source IP address will then be displayed on the top of the building. Then each time a packet is received a portion of the raw packet info is displayed on the tower and a particle is emitted from the building in a random direction. The buildings time out and die after 10 seconds of no communication from the source.

You can download it here.

Have fun and if you have any suggestions (maybe a localhost ziggurat :)) feel free to email me.

David Massey

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