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Recently i'm doing a small research in the matter of fast (preferably realtime ) clouds rendering including some participating phenomenas like shafts of light, realistic cloud shading etc. What you see is entirely 'pixel' based solution ( clouds shape using multilayer perlin noise ( like hugo.elias did, but with some nice optimizations ) and a nifty cloud shading function ). The shafts of light are not finished yet. The red dots are my visibility markers :).

Anyway the solution is very simple and pretty fast, fully interactive cloud cover which reacts on wind and range of turbulence values runs with 20+ fps on my duron600 and gf2 ti. Ahhh, and is powered by linux :)))

At the moment i'm still trying to improve the shading near the horizon ( since it's not good enough, and that's why is not so well visible on attached image :)) ), and moving towards entirely different solution of the problem.

I'm looking forward to any suggestions. Also looking for some documents which would help me to develop better lighting model. If you have anyone, please share:

J.F Blinn "Light Reflection Functions for Simulation of Clouds and Dusty Surfaces" (1982)
N.Max "Light Diffusion Through Clouds and Haze" (1986)
N.Max "Atmospheric Illumination and Shadows" (1986)
N.Max, R.Crawfis, D.Williams, "Visualizing Wind Velocities by Advecting Cloud Textures" (1992)

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