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These screenshots are taken from our project called 'Alnair'. It is a 100% pure Java 3D-engine and it is not using Sun's Java3D API. We planned to use it as the graphical heart of a MMORPG game which we are no longer developing, unfortunately. The basic version of the game was planned to be playable via a standard browser without any further plugins. Therefore the design goals were to get as many polygons out of Java as possible and to reduce the download size of 3D data to a minimum.

The upper two pictures just show some basic features of our engine such as:
  • z-buffer rendering
  • texture mapping
  • gouraud shading
  • specular mapping
  • alpha channel
  • faked texel filtering (ala Unreal)
  • FSAA
  • Some technical details about the images:

    Upper image
  • 1934 polygons
  • three textures each 256x256x24
  • mesh size: 13939 bytes
  • texture size: 21120 bytes
  • rendering speed about 35fps at 512x384 pixels on my Athlon 900
  • Lower image
  • 25676 polygons
  • mesh size: 135627 bytes
  • rendering speed about 15fps at 512x384 pixels on my Athlon 900
  • The textures are standard Jpeg encoded. The models were compressed without any loss of precision using our own mesh packer. Basically they are stored as triangle strips. Currently the size of the Java-applet is 13359 bytes.

    As this is a commercial project I can not release the source code. But you can take a look at a working demo at


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