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My name is Aaron Oman, and attached is an image from a project I'm doing for my computer graphics rendering course this semester. The topic my partner and I chose was "Real-Time Caustics". Originally we were going to implement the Wand and StraBer paper on the subject, but we both lacked any experience with pixel shaders and decided to implement the Daniel Sanchez-Crespo paper at Gamasutra instead. We just implemented the straight OpenGL (no pixel shaders) version and used the wave-generation algorithm and textures from the paper. The floor texture we're using, we found on a website that hosts free textures for usage. Running as-is (which still could use some tweaking, but is definitely serviceable) I get 30 fps on my Radeon 8500 le with an Athlon XP 1700+. It was a fun project to work on. This was the first time I've ever attempted environment mapping or blending, and I'm mostly happy with the results.

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