Submitted by Francois Beaune, posted on 12 April 2004

Image Description, by Francois Beaune

A new version of toxic has been released!

The major feature of this release is the new adaptive antialiasing scheme with perception-based contrast threshold.

Several other improvements have been made since toxic alpha-1: loading of .obj and .ase mesh files has been greatly improved, a few bugs that were found in alpha-1 have been resolved, and the code has been cleaned, factorized and optimized.

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toxic is a new open source global illumination renderer aiming to produce photorealistic images and animations.

toxic's goal is to provide artists with a free and modern rendering tool which is actively maintained, developed and extended.

This version of toxic is an early alpha version: it still lacks some major features, and it might contain several bugs. It is released in order to demonstrate toxic's capabilities and to allow developers to contribute to its development.

For the moment, only a Windows version is available.

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