Submitted by Mogwai, posted on 08 April 2004

Image Description, by Mogwai

Avalanche+ is a clone based on the original puzzle game Puyo Puyo and Kirbys Avalanche. It was produced in late 2003 and was targeted for the Nokia N-Gage. The game was produced by 4 students during a 160h course in Gaming Studies at gsCEPT.

Altough targeted for the Nokia N-Gage it should work on any series 60 device.

  • Colourful and fast graphics (30 fps at 176x208x12 bpp :)
  • 4 different game modes: Practice, Survival, Demo and Multiplayer
  • AI with 5 levels of difficulty
  • Network play using Bluetooth
  • Highscore list
  • Sound effects
  • For sourcecode and binaries visit

    The source and game is free so you can do whatever you want with it :)

    Game design and graphics:
    Archaon (Conny Andersson)

    Mogwai (Fredrik Mäkeläinen)
    Gymdis (Christopher Bergqvist)
    Master Tonberry (Mikael Lagré)

    Master Tonberry

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