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After watching your IOTDs from almost the beginning of flipcode, I was a bit disappointed that almost every IOTD has gotten something to do with a project written in C/C++, so I decided to show you some screenshots of my actual project that I'm programming in Borlands Delphi.

On the screenshot above you can see three different maps from NapalmBomber3D, a 3D-Bombermanclone entirely written in Delphi that uses OpenGL for graphics and the FMOD-Lib for sound.It took me about a week to finish (including graphics and 3D-Models) and beside the game I've also started writing a series of tutorials on programming a bombermanclone.Those tutorials will be released on the Delphi-OpenGL-Community, which is a german page dedicated to OpenGL and Delphi (hence the name ;-) ).The first tut in this series is already up, and the second one will follow in the next few days.

Enough smalltalk.Let's talk about the technical side.As mentioned twice, it's totally written in Borlands Delphi and uses OpenGL for it's graphics.Sound and music are played using the famous FMOD-Library.The 3D-Models you can see (Players, Trees, Bombs) are in the 3DS-Format und then loaded into the engine as displaylists.No keyframeanimations yet, but this may change in a future release. Other techniques used are Timebased Movement, textured Fonts and animated Explosions via Billboards. As you can see, there are no fency ultra-bombastic-geforceFX rendertechniques in the game, but what I think is the most important thing : IT'S FINISHED! (Besides some additions in the future).

You can grab your copy here :

It weightens 2.56MByte, and comes with 6 maps.The mapeditor is also finished, and I'll upload it as soon as I've written an "How-To-Use" and as soon as it's translated into english, so that you can make your own map.And now download it, have fun with it and please tell me what you think of it.

For future updates visit my page :
And if you're speaking german then also visit where I'll publish the bomberman-tutorial series.

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