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Hey.. this is the start of a nice engine im working on by myself... It currently only supports an NV_15 codepath, but im planing on implementing more, as soon as i get something better than a GF2MX...

It features Per-pixel lighting with lots of passes ;) Specular and diffuse bump mapping.

The lights also have a cube projection map associated with them to project different types of lights, for nice effects...

I also made it so that you can make the base/decal texture 'glow' when little or no light is applied to it... You can see the little clusers of lights on the globe that are suposed to represent cities...

Oh yes... This is not suposed to look like a real planet earth... so no 'oh it looks too shiny' comments please ;) It more to represent a plastic globe with some funky effects on it... ;)

Well... all comments are welcome... Email them to


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