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Space Station Manager is station management and building game I recently released. My original inspiration was to write a relaxing and non-violent space related strategy game, a kind of tribute to the explorations of space through times. In the late eighties there was a few station related games, most notably Project Space Station and EOS, but I believe SSM is one of the few games today about the subject.

Technically the game is very clean, a basic DirectX 8.1 rendering engine using FMOD for sound support. The planetary data are from the NASA Blue Marble project, likewise for many of the backgrounds and images. I used Sound Ideas for sound effects and Maya for creating the models. The dev environment consists of Emacs, NMake and Visual Studio.

As my process I use eXtreme Programming. There has been weekly releases since 7 months back and I will currently continue with the tradition. Each release is a feature release striving to add new features to the game. I found that this regular release schedule made tweaking the UI much easier, the task that took most of the developement time.

The game is distributed as shareware and the registered version is on sale (plug) for $19.95 USD at the moment. More information and trial download at or directly by email.

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