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The images above are from Volume War, a GPL'd game that I have been working on in my spare time. Volume War is best described as Worms in 3D. It is practically finished, at least as far as I am concerned. There is still some content to be added and some tweaking/polishing to be done before 1.0 though (the explosion particles for example).

With regards to the FPS, my machine is a P3 600, TNT 2.

At this point I am extremely keen to get some feedback so as I can maximise the all important fun factor. The levels I have created have all been put together without much play testing, I am hoping that in time the factors that make a fun level become clear (if there is a demand I shall release a level editing guide). I have also not done much play testing with regards to weapon balance, some of the weapons need quite a bit of tweaking/polishing. At the moment the AI is probably a bit too mechanical.

I found that while aiming in 2D with 1D wind is one thing (Worms), aiming in 3D with 2D wind is quite another. I have attempted to address this issue using a "Helper" (explained in tutorial), however the feedback so far is that it does not help a lot.

Describing my art as "programmer art" is probably a bit too flattering and most likely insulting to fellow programmers, the stuff that looks reasonable has been taken from the Internet.

Here is a feature list.
  • dynamic terrain and corresponding vertex lighting
  • bounding box frustum culling
  • some nice physics
  • 3D sound using FMOD
  • 1 and 2 player modes
  • tutorial and campaign (story coming soon)
  • I am satisfied with the way the game has turned out. Having started it about 10 months ago my skills have developed quite a bit. In any case it is a finished game (practically), and we all know the value of that. Thanks heaps to those who download it and provide me with feedback.

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