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This is my humble IOTD. It is my 2D (DirectX) game I have been working on for about 6 months in my spare time. Without Flipcode, it would not be here at all. The vast database of information and people online willing to help are to be commended! I am a weekend hobbiest programmer using straight C. ( I am currently at 221 days studying 'Learn C++ in 21 days) :)

Lucky Sevens DX is one of two, 9 card slot machines, I have been working on. Nothing special here at all. Just an un-original idea, reinvented and placed into the DirectX enviroment. It may not be a leading edge 3D shooter, but I had quite a few people lined up to play it at my last house party.

Improvements coming are:
  • PAY button works. (Not implemented yet)
  • Network play. I plan on having a central server controling the payouts like the real Casino world does.
  • Programming this in DirectX 3D or OpenGL. Would be nice to see the wheels in 3D!
  • The install program for this IOTD can be download from:

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