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It's a couple of screenshots taken from my new engine that supports planet generation. Currently it has only one stonetexture for testing purposes...

The engine supports evolution, so the planet can evolve in realtime, earthquakes are easily simulated, as well as floodings. Caves are also supported.

Extreme LOD, which allows for flights from outer space down to a closeup where trees&bushes will be visible.

As seen in the screenshot, cities are also supported, but in it's early stages. The city seen here right now covers 1/6 of the entire planet! Since the engine is evolutional, cities can grow with time.

Planned features:
Better cities & beaches, lightning (sun->day&night), atmosphere which will give nice sunsets and clouds.

About me:
21 year old systems programmer and internet business consultant doing hobby game programming! :) I've previously been involved in the amiga&pc demo as well.

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