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Here are a few screenshots of my terrain engine, OGRE. It's been in development for only a coupla weeks now, which should explain the apparent lack of features. The features implemented so far include:
  • Global unique texturing with shadow maps (lower right shot shows the shadow/light mapping)
  • Dynamic animated clouds (3d Perlin noise). Backdropped for now, but I'll implement a sky dome as soon as I get to it.
  • 6dof with collision detection
  • RGB lighting
  • 3d studio mesh support (the reason there are no dynamic objects in the screenshots is that I don't have a map editor yet and haven't gotten around to doing procedural object placement)
  • Procedural terrain generation (diamond square with a fair bit of post-processing)
  • Well, that about covers it.

    -Vlad Andreev

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