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This are a few screens from an engine I was developing last year with DX7. I started developing it to learn better object oriented engine design. I can attach various types of objects to my scene class: renderables (meshes, particle systems, billboards, coronas etc.), lights, cameras and such stuff and the scene animates and draws all of it. I load the meshes from 3ds max (ASE export) as well as animations, cameras and lights. I calculate lightmaps (well...shadowmaps :) ) for static meshes, the animated meshes are vertex-lighted. The culling is just simple bounding box-view frustum test - no BSP/PVS/portal stuff.

In the next engine I will most probably try something with BSP/PVS or octtrees or something similar. As well as all that vertex/pixel-shader stuff.

There are around 15k polys in this scene.

The demo you see was done in a few days for a local demoparty. You can download the stuff here: Warning: you need a powerfull machine to run this demo smoothly.


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