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The image shows a new Non-Photorealistic Rendering technique, displayed in real-time using the GPU. Strokes are oriented along an estimate of the curvature tensor of the surface. The right half of the image shows tensor line-integral convolution (Hyper LIC) applied to the tensor of curvature. The image is generated in our Open-Source "Graphite" software.

More details are on my web page:

  • Thanks to Pierre Alliez ( for the Anisotropic Remeshing project.
  • References:
  • Normal Cycle and Restricted Delaunay Triangulations, David Cohen-Steiner and Jean-Marie Morvan, SOCG, 2003
  • Anisotropic Remeshing, P. Alliez, D. Cohen Steiner, O. Devillers, B. Levy and M. Desbrun, Siggraph 2003

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