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This is my first time posting on Flipcode but I wanted to get some feedback on my current project. It's a pure portal engine written in VC++, uses OpenGL for rendering and FMOD for sound support. My ultimate vision is for this to be a GAME engine and not just a PORTAL ENGINE, meaning it will be a simple yet effective way to build a complete and customized game. Since I'm just one man and I'm doing this in my spare time away from my college studies, I plan on keeping things as simple as possible without sacrificing quality. Here is a current features list.

I call it the QuickPort engine
  • Portal rendering with an OOP algorithm
  • 3d collision detection
  • Fully Dynamic Lightmapping (no static lighting)
  • Movable Sectors (elevators and such)
  • Particle system
  • 3d object support (loading of my own ".3d" format)
  • Texture blending over portals to simulate glass
  • "Sound event handler" - what I call my system of deciding which sound to play and when
  • FMOD sound support
  • Skybox
  • NO DIRECTX USED!! woohoo.
  • Here are some things that are in progress or will be in the future...
  • Sloped walls / floors / ceilings (right now the engine assumes walls perpendicular to the floor and ceiling for simplicity of level design)
  • md2 file loading & animation (there are so many great md2 models out there, and I'm not an artist, how could I NOT use this resource?)
  • Dynamic shadows WITHOUT using stencil buffer (this is very close to being done)
  • Link to a quadtree terrain engine I developed for indoor / outdoor scenes
  • Weapons / Items and other gameplay related features
  • Network support - This I will need help with, but what good is a game if you can't play with yer friends?
  • Optimization (change drawing algorithms to use triangle strips instead of single polygons, among other things)
  • Level Editor (I started this today, shouldn't take too long to get something rough but useful ready to use)
  • Well I have more visions for this thing but I don't want to bore you. My plans for the engine other than providing it to others for game building, is to build a game myself. A 3d rpg type game similar to Ultima Underworld (probably the best game I've ever played) or something along those lines. I'm not looking for another Quake / Unreal / Half Life clone, that's been done and this engine is FAR from a Quake engine, so I have to use what I think fits, but it's still capable of a shoot'm up game I suppose.

    Alright well, let me know your thoughts (I know these screens aren't much to go by). If I get enough feedback I'll definitely be posting a demo in the future when it's ready. Hey, if you're interested in getting in on this project I'm looking for 1 or 2 people, especially good artists and network programmers. Email me at cause I'm very interested in getting this project going with a small team. Probably just for fun but maybe we can put something out worthy of selling?! Long shot I know but given the right circumstances, who knows. Take care everyone.

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